Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Place to Call My Own, and Super Size It, Please.

Isn’t it exciting? Thanks to the Internet, the public is now able to peek into the Secret Lives of Writers. If you are a writer, you know that our secret lives are often so terribly exciting...

Although I am living the dream, I do occasionally fantasize of having more. That fantasy is to someday have a writing spot, all my own. Know what I mean?

I think I could definitely bang out some word count in a place like Laurie Halse Anderson’s writing cottage:

Or unfold my Wal-mart lounge chair in Jane Austen’s garden (she has wifi I assume?):

Either of these two would work out just fine.

Of course, I do have a dedicated space in my house. But it is also home to the hamster and doesn’t have a door, or walls, really (it’s a loft). The piano is in here too, so every other day or so I am entertained by a whiny kid who “doesn’t wanna practice!”

So you might understand why sometimes I just want to get out. Like today. A change of venue is just what my wip needs, I reasoned. So I drove to our brand new library here in Kingwood, Texas. Just opened two days ago … yeah, that will be THE PLACE where my creativity will come alive.

Except that it’s closed on Wednesdays.

Frustrated, I drove until I came upon a familiar sight, glowing like a beacon on the horizon. Yes, here is where my novel will thrive, where the characters in my head will find a home on the page.

Hey. If I can’t have a writing cottage, at least I can get fries with that.

Now my question to you …

Is there a spot where you feel most comfortable, creative and inspired? A cozy chair near a picture window? A greasy spoon? A spot far from the noise of traffic, home and distraction?

Let us know … and send a picture!


  1. My husband and I recently bought a 54"-wide recliner called 'The Cuddler,' though somehow it's been nicknamed 'The King's Chair.' I sit in this chair during the day, surrounded by a couple of our cats, and it's quite a comfortable writing session. :)

  2. I have an office in our home where I keep my two-hundred plus Batman figures on a shelf so that twenty different Batmans look out over me and keep me safe from criminals while I write. I treat my writing like my day job and report to work everyday, even when I don't feel like it. I have a nice desk, a chair, a laptop, and my coffee. Also, I keep plenty of wordless music on my laptop used more for blocking out the rest of the world than for listening to.

  3. LOL you sound like me. I went out with my laptop yesterday and ended up at four different places because of things like no outlets available. I did get something done eventually though.

  4. I love to wake up early, when the house is absolutely still and dark, and cozy up under a fleece on the couch. My Labrador Bowzer sits on my legs -- a wonderful cure for any temptation to get up to do something "more productive".