Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Trailer Week Continues ...

Today I'm posting a trailer by Will Write for Cake member Doris Fisher. Doris' awesome picture books thrill children (and adults) everywhere. They are funny, interactive and her "Day" books have the magical ability to make math fun. And Happy Birthday to Whooo? Best Baby Shower gift ... ever.

Enjoy the trailer below...

And if you haven't seen this trailer, watch it now. Listening to Neil Gaiman's voice and beautiful prose is like getting a literary massage. Enjoy...

My favorite line ... "Trust dreams, trust your heart and trust your story." Words to live by.

And don't forget to send us links to your favorite trailers!

Happy Wednesday,


  1. Christina, These two were fabulous and I'm going to include them on the library's website. Congratulations to Doris Fisher!