Monday, May 31, 2010


Some fun news for Laura and me this month-- we each have a story on the Smories website, which posts videos of adorable British children reading short stories that writers submitted to the site.

From their submissions, the Smories people take their fifty favorite stories to post on the site for one month, so ours will be up there for the month of June, and fifty new stories will be posted in July.

Starting in August they'll do something different and post a new story each day; see their submission guidelines if you're interested in sending them a short story, and maybe we'll see yours there!

Laura's story is "A Whale of a Rescue," and mine is "The Shell Collector and the Selkie Wife."

Complete coincidence that we each wrote about aquatic creatures.


  1. Two awesome stories from two amazing writers -- and one adorable little English girl reading them both! Congratulations, ladies!

  2. I love this little girl's reading voice! So WoWed by it. Fo sho.