Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Beckons

Spring is here in Houstonland. It would be shocking if another freeze came our way. It's also time to throw off winter doldrums, frozen thoughts, and cold ideas. Heat is headed our way. Get your ideas baking, your sentences stirring and your chapters cooking.

Tonight the clock springs forward. Put a spring in your step and your writing. Spring clean your shelves and read about writing your favorite genre again, just like when you first started writing.

Celebrate spring with a walk. Open your senses to all that surrounds and to sweet spring sounds. There's a mockingbird near my house that sings around 2:00 am. No doubt this little bird knows spring is the singing season.

Let go and whistle a happy tune, hum a favorite song and bellow a broadway melody. Chirp and create! Your fingers will spring onto the keyboard with new vitality and purpose.

Seasons give us reasons to begin again and look forward to the future. Who knows what awaits? Spring beckons with new writing possiblities, budding nature and blue skies. Hop to it!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the clock-change reminder, Doris! This morning I sat outside with my coffee and watched birds build nests in my palm trees. New beginnings are all around.