Monday, March 8, 2010

Blogger Late than Never

After a terrific day of presentations at the Houston SCBWI Conference, we had a Q & A for the speakers.

One question was, “What are your favorite future projects?” This delighted me. I’m ready to read these wonderful soon-to-be-available books. It’s like waiting for dessert. We know it’s coming. Bring it on. And hurry up!

Ruta Rimas told us about Henry in Love, a picture book written and illustrated by Peter McCarty. Henry, the cat, is in love with Chloe, the bunny. How will he win her love? Ruta also mentioned The Doubting, a novel by Heidi Ayarbe. It deals with a soccer player and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Patrick Collins is looking forward to the picture book, Moon Bears. Who doesn’t want to see out-of-this-world text and art in a pb?

Sara Crowe answered with Saving Maddie, a novel by Austin’s Varian Johnson. It involves past friendship and loyalty to one’s own beliefs. Sara also mentioned the novel, Sea by Heidi Kling, which deals with tsunami victims.

Alexandra Cooper said Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour was her favorite future project. This novel, written by Morgan Matson, takes readers across the country on a road trip adventure.

Nancy Ferensten told us Spies of Mississippi, a nonfiction novel by Rick Bowers, involves the journalists who tried to destroy the civil rights movement. How tragic!

Shadow, a novel by Houston’s Jenny Moss, was mentioned by Lisa Sandell. Who can Shadow trust in this mystery? Lisa also told us to watch for The Clockwork Three by M. Kirby that is a turn-of-the-century mystery for kids.

Cynthia Leitich Smith proudly announced her picture book, Holler Loudly, will be published. She first wrote it in 2002. This is such an inspiration as we hurry, write and wait. And then rewrite, and rewrite and keep submitting.

I hope these titles encourage you as much as they do me. Different genres, fiction and nonfiction, all soon published and coming our way. Hip Hip Hooray!


  1. Well, of course, of the above mentioned books, the one I am looking forward to the most is Jenny Moss's Shadow. Can't wait!

  2. I love hearing about new books coming out!