Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Swear I'm Not Doing It For the Cupcakes

Ok, I confess...I'm seeing another critique group. I can't help myself. I love both groups so much, it seems unfair to have to pick just one. I have needs, people.
Today I had lunch with my once-a-month critique group, and the elephant cupcakes they brought from Rao's Bakery were too cute not to post.

We meet once a month to critique a big chunk of a novel--one person hands over a half novel or whole novel manuscript, and at the following month's meeting we give the critique. When we don't have anything to critique, we still meet to have lunch and talk about our writing and what awesome books we're reading.

They also got me this adorable pillow that will hold my pajamas when I go to a slumber party...

And this teapot, also adorable.

Now tell me, who could resist such cuteness?


  1. Your group sounds like a great group of writers who, if they haven't already, will become lifelong friends. Love the pj pillow!

  2. For my next crit group there will be a gift clause in the contract. All of your swag is as adorable as the sweet treats.

  3. I do love that "gift clause" idea. There should at least be a "cupcake clause."

  4. What a nice group you have! And the cupcakes are adorable.